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Student Testimonials

If you are wanting to get into the medical field, the CNA course with Brenda is the best choice you'll make. Brenda and Brooke are the sweetest and most phenomenal women I have met. They have a passion for teaching and care for their students genuinely. I was so lucky to have found them, get certified, and work as a CNA while pursuing my career in nursing.

~Carla (now an LVN)

Brenda and her staff are PHENOMENAL!!! They are very caring and knowledgeable about things you need to know. They take the time to ensure that you are learning and they take pride in what they do! It is more than just a job for them! I love my experience!! I would most DEFINITELY recommend anyone in search of taking a CNA class to take yours here!

~Charris, CNA 

Brenda knows and teaches you the CNA program she is excellent at what she does and Brooke and Taran and they definitely know the medical field and wants you to be the best!!!! Excellent instructors If you’re looking to step into the medical field, then this is your way! Whether you’re looking to get your CNA and start from the bottom and work your way to the best nurse this is where you want to start. After 5 weeks you will be ready for your state certified test and ready for your new journey!!! Ohhhh and dont forget she has phlebotomy ER tech, acute care, and EKG classes too, CNA's become better Nurses start your education here!!!

Thank you Brenda, Brooke, and Taran!!! You ladies are amazing 😉

~Joyce, CNA

Hey guys ! Just to let y’all know I’m not a paid spokes person lol 😂. However, this is a place to go to if you are looking for a foot in the door for the medical field if you are unsure of what you want . This place is amazing ! Excellent teachers who will help you understand and help you become confident in yourself !! This place is amazing and I’m glad I found it when I did ! With their help I’m now successful in my career and looking to further it even more ! If you are looking for a fresh start and something fun and exciting to do go here !!!

Love you Mrs. Brenda &Mrs. Brooke

~Cephany, CNA

From Apostle Home Health Care:

"We pride ourselves on the delivery of patient-centric high quality care. Brenda's graduates are the ONLY people we interview for Home Health Aide positions as they become available. She takes people from all walks of life and teaches them how to be excellent at what they do. We have never had a "bad hire" since we started networking with Brenda. Quallity teaching with maximum outcomes. If you're a person looking to get into the medical field, I highly recommend this CNA school as the place to start."

From Thelma Iweanya, Nurse Aide student: "Active Nursing Assistant Training of Clear Lake, to me is where magic lives.The name of the magician is Brenda Manning. She is heavily talented in health care and she is not economical in blessing her student with her talent. She ensures 100% success for her students. I strongly recommend that anyone interested in CNA program should rush to Active Nursing Assistant of Clear lake for excellence and success."

Thelma and Edward, Nurse Aide students

Gabby Carrillo, CNA Student

"I approached Active Nursing Assistant Training of Clear Lake because I wanted to get educated to obtain a job in the medical field. My classes and training there didn’t only provide me with the knowledge and experience for that, it also gave me confidence and helped me make life changing decisions for myself and my family.

The immediate result of taking the nurse aide course there was: I got a job offer for a full-time CNA position at Houston Methodist St. John Hospital in less than 3 weeks from graduation!!!!

The classes there are fun and Brenda Manning makes sure we learn our skills. She doesn’t only want you to complete the course, she wants you to be successful after graduation. She is genuinely happy for her student’s achievements. Brenda, I can’t thank you enough for being such an amazing and supportive person. You have definitely showed me the type of nurse I want to become, always so dedicated to everything you do. Once again: Thank you!"

Gabby Carrillo, CNA


Deborah Roy, CNA student

"Brenda Manning is by far the BEST teacher I've ever been taught by! When I was taking her course I couldn't believe how much extra she did for her students to make sure we were the best CNAs out there. She does what she loves and that's why she is the best! Almost immediately after I got my state certification people were calling me offering me jobs, I now work at Clear Lake Regional as a Nurse Tech and LOVE my job and always remember the things she's taught me to be the best CNA I can be!"

Deborah Roy, CNA

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